Podcast: Tim Skipper explains how law firms are updating their Business Services offering

On this edition of the Infinite Global Podcast, we take a closer look at how firms are learning from sectors outside law to develop their Business Services offering.


Podcast: ‘Mr Super prime’ discusses the importance of social media self-promotion in professional services

Professional services and advisory firms are gradually coming to terms with the growing number of individuals within large organisations utilising their personal social media channels as business development tools. This edition of the Infinite Global podcast takes a closer look at the trend, exploring how firms can empower their stakeholders to benefit both the business and the individual.


Legal PR pitching tips you can’t live without

Pitching the media can be a difficult — even maddening — exercise. But a thoughtfully crafted and executed pitch can help build a rapport with a journalist, while driving news coverage that shines positive light on the subject of the pitch.


From intern to president: A career in public relations, Q&A with Zach Olsen

Tell me your background with Infinite Global; how long you have been with the company and how your career progressed?


Easy Ways to Find Content for your Podcast

You’ve decided it’s time for your organization to begin podcasting in order to build an audience and expand the business’s reach. Once you’ve settled on the right spokespeople to sit behind the microphone, how do you go about sourcing interesting content to be discussed and debated?


Can Podcasts be Valuable to Legal and Professional Service Firms?

Podcast consumption continues to rise as a result of the global explosion in smartphone use and the more recent move toward voice-enabled tech like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home. But should legal and other professional services organizations jump on the bandwagon simply because of the format’s growing popularity, and are podcasts the right marketing channel for these types of firms? The short answer is yes.


A beginner’s guide to Chambers (and other) legal directory submissions

Several days after Chambers & Partners released the research schedule for its Chambers USA 2020 guide, I was in Atlanta for the Legal Marketing Association’s Annual Conference. Countless times during my trip — in the course of getting-to-know-you chitchat over lunch, at cocktail parties and between sessions — I had some version of the same conversation, which usually began with the elevator speech of my job:


Podcast: Jennifer Johnson Scalzi and Jamie Diaferia Discuss the Latest in Legal Marketing at LMA International

From the benefits of bringing new thinking to an unfamiliar sector, to exploring the elements that make up great client service, this Infinite Global podcast, recorded at the 2019 LMA conference, explores the opportunities and challenges for law firms taking a fresh approach to marketing.


IKEA just delivered a brand and PR 'non-story' that has everyone talking...

When IKEA announced it was revealing a new logo everyone sat up and took notice; was the Scandi brand going Eric the Red colourful or Swedish thriller noir?


Chambers USA: Preparing strong legal directory submissions

Chambers & Partners is scheduled to releases its Chambers USA 2019 guide on April 25, 2019, and with its release it will kick off a new season of Chambers research.