Can fantasy football help you choose your next law firm spokesperson?

With the football season quickly approaching, millions of sports fans — not to mention gamblers and employees peer-pressured to join their office league — are getting ready to draft their fantasy teams. Some will spend days meticulously studying player stats and potential outcomes, while others will show up to the draft not knowing the difference between a wide receiver and golden retriever.


Survey: Law Firm Digital Marketing Departments


Building A Social Media Program: Q&A with Jamie Obertelli

Earlier this year Infinite Global welcomed Jamie Obertelli as its Digital Strategy Lead. Now seven months into the job, we sat down with him to learn about his experience in helping to develop social media programs and the key takeaways for others looking to build out their own offering.


What we’re reading: Dreyer’s English

Usage and style guides are like dumbbells for writers. If you don’t pick them up now and then, your writing can grow flabby.


Q&A with San Francisco summer intern Rhiannon McCarthy

We recently sat down with Rhiannon McCarthy, a rising senior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a summer intern in our San Francisco office, to learn more about what attracted her to Infinite Global and what she's hoping to learn during her time with us this summer. 


Q&A with New York summer intern Olivia Bulzomi

We recently sat down with Olivia Bulzomi, a rising senior at the University of Delaware and a summer intern in our New York office, to learn more about what attracted her to Infinite Global and what she's hoping to learn during her time with us this summer. 


If Jony Ive designed professional service firms

Last week saw the shock announcement that Sir Jony Ive is to leave Apple to fly solo in the form of a new standalone design studio, LoveFrom. We wait with bated breath for further news. Meanwhile, we can relax and reminisce on how Ive has fundamentally changed our relationships with technology.


The age of the CVA: Insolvencies in the media

As we look back on the last financial year, it’s safe to say that it was a year of continued disruption and convergence in the property industry, but perhaps most notably on the high street.


How will the professional services firm of the future be using social media?

In the current market climate, it’s more important than ever for organisations to find methods of building a two-way relationship with their audiences via social media. As the technology and user trends continue to evolve, many firms are keen to stay one step ahead.   


Why the art of negotiation is essential for a career in PR

To be successful in public relations you need to be an all-rounder with skills in everything from research and communication to writing, critical analysis and creativity. However, one key trait that often gets overlooked is the ability to negotiate.