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Toeing the line: Is commenting on the presidential election too risky for law firms?

Every four years the U.S. presidential election cycle creates the potential for a seismic shift in the political and regulatory landscape. From bold proposals aimed at changing the estate tax, to the impact of a new administration on IP and patent policy, elections can have significant—and sometimes immediate—consequences for individuals and corporations alike.

This presents an incredible opportunity for law firms and their attorneys to establish themselves as thought leaders by contributing to and shaping public discourse around significant policy proposals through exposure in high profile media outlets. It’s important law firms don’t miss out on the chance to help their clients and prospects understand what the outcome of an election can mean for their personal and business interests.

However, lawyers—often with good reason—prefer not to comment on politically charged topics that can rub clients the wrong way or risk criticizing an incoming administration. This is especially true in an election with two historically polarizing candidates.

With this in mind, here are five considerations for lawyers and law firm communications professionals when contemplating commenting on the current election: