Real-time posting on social media: 10 tips

Panel discussions, conferences, webinars — these events are major time and financial commitments for any organization. And that’s why, to realize their full value and expose the content to a wider audience, it is important to leverage their content through social media. But promoting an event on social media in real time is not as easy as it sounds. Careful planning and coordination will help.


Lessons in crisis comms: Responding to a data breach

As organisations prepare for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and with recent high-profile data breaches affecting TSB, Facebook, Equifax and others, the importance of crisis communications in limiting reputational damage and instilling confidence and credibility has never been more critical. Most organisations think they are sufficiently prepared to manage and communicate effectively in the wake of data breach. But are they? How confident should organisations be in the efficacy of their current crisis preparations? Being ready to handle data breach crises requires deeper preparation than is often realized. As many brands find out, an elementary crisis plan and generic messaging is rarely sufficient.


2018 hotlist: Top social media tools for professional services firms

Historically, attorneys, accountants and others working in the professional services have approached social media with caution, fearing the effects of a poorly timed tweet or hastily written post on their business and client relationships. But now, professional services firms are increasingly recognizing the importance of social media networks to the management and growth of their businesses. Building and maintaining a strong social media presence offers many benefits for firms, from connecting with current and prospective clients to raising the profiles of professionals and developing relationships with key journalists.