Why case studies belong in your law firm’s content strategy

It’s a scenario many legal marketers will find familiar: An attorney shares the details of a fantastic courtroom win. He is, shall we say, excited. “The world needs to know now!” he booms.


Q&A: LMA Leader Offers Tips for Attending Annual Conference in Atlanta

More than 1,500 professionals will converge on Atlanta next month for the 2019 Legal Marketing Association Annual Conference. The April 8-10 event, to be held at the Hyatt Regency, will offer dozens of breakout sessions and networking opportunities, so it’s important to think in advance about how to get the greatest value out of attendance.

With this in mind, Infinite Global caught up with Gia Altreche, an LMA West Regional Board Director, member of the Annual Conference Advisory Committee, and Director of Business Development and Marketing at Newmeyer & Dillion. As she prepares for her fifth year attending the event, Gia weighs in on making the most of the annual conference and the impact it has had on her own career. 


A true ghost story: The frightening cost of lawyers writing content

Let's talk about money. I know, it’s gauche, and as in aristocratic families, it’s a topic one is loath to raise in public, even in the genial forum of a blog post. But then, who wants to be the heir who learns too late that grandpa has squandered the family fortune on race horses and orange juice futures?


The need to practice what you preach

One of the historical (and pejorative) connotations of PR and communications is that it’s all headlines, no substance. Anyone who has worked in the industry knows that is simply not the case. If what you say does not align with reality you will be found out.


International Women's Day 2019

This year’s theme for International Women’s Day, #balanceisbetter, draws upon the shift in mood around the gender debate. Women and men around the world have spent a year campaigning to raise awareness and for justice, driven by the #MeToo movement, and now the focus is on equality.