IKEA just delivered a brand and PR 'non-story' that has everyone talking...

When IKEA announced it was revealing a new logo everyone sat up and took notice; was the Scandi brand going Eric the Red colourful or Swedish thriller noir?


Wait! There’s a baby in that bathwater…

If you are reading our blog, you’re more than likely a part of the service economy; an economy of increasing economic importance in recent years. An economy, which in the US accounted for 78.9% of GDP in 2015*. The numbers are similar in the UK.


Law firms missing a digital trick

Shockingly, more than a quarter of law firms do not have a website.


Why your business anniversary is a powerful opportunity for your future

Ten years’ or 200 years’ service, depending on your industry, are achievements in their own right. After all, business survival rates are still averaging around 50 percent in the US/UK at the five-year mark. As such, you’ve achieved a milestone. So, of course you want to stick out your chest and profess your acumen from the rooftops, presumably on the premise and promise that stability and good governance got you this far, and as such are good indicators for the future. Clients should take note, right? They’re in good hands.