If Jony Ive designed professional service firms

Last week saw the shock announcement that Sir Jony Ive is to leave Apple to fly solo in the form of a new standalone design studio, LoveFrom. We wait with bated breath for further news. Meanwhile, we can relax and reminisce on how Ive has fundamentally changed our relationships with technology.


IKEA just delivered a brand and PR 'non-story' that has everyone talking...

When IKEA announced it was revealing a new logo everyone sat up and took notice; was the Scandi brand going Eric the Red colourful or Swedish thriller noir?


The need to practice what you preach

One of the historical (and pejorative) connotations of PR and communications is that it’s all headlines, no substance. Anyone who has worked in the industry knows that is simply not the case. If what you say does not align with reality you will be found out.


The reasons you shouldn’t go to MIPIM 2019… and the one reason you should (and will)

MIPIM, Europe’s largest real estate conference which takes place in Cannes every March, has always presented both opportunity and risk in equal measure.


Lifting the corporate veil: a new dawn for company reputation?

New company reporting regulations have come into force this month which will have a significant impact on the way large companies, and boards, address and manage corporate reputation and company brand value.


Wait! There’s a baby in that bathwater…

If you are reading our blog, you’re more than likely a part of the service economy; an economy of increasing economic importance in recent years. An economy, which in the US accounted for 78.9% of GDP in 2015*. The numbers are similar in the UK.


Taking a stand: Responsibility and Reputation

CSR has often been mis-labelled as “green washing”, or just a bit of fluff to boost marketing efforts. But it, or at least the principles behind it, really do matter to corporate reputation.


Reputation in the boardroom: a roadmap for NEDs

Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) have a key, but as yet not fully-realised, role to play in corporate reputation management. Their independence, and remit which straddles a variety of factors that contribute to a company’s overall reputation, provides them a unique perspective and their companies a real opportunity.


LDF 2018: Our three business takeaways from London’s latest design-fest

In the wake of London Fashion Week and London Design Festival, we look back at some of the most interesting events across the city and reflect upon some of the wider issues and ideas that businesses should take away.


Conversing with Cameron Webb

Cameron Webb is a Director and the Head of Branding and Creative at Infinite Global, with 20 years of experience in the development of global B2B brands and communications. This conversation -- where Cam shares the professional experiences that shaped his career, and his advice for the next generation of PR and branding professionals -- concludes our focus on our London team members.