Lifting the corporate veil: a new dawn for company reputation?

New company reporting regulations have come into force this month which will have a significant impact on the way large companies, and boards, address and manage corporate reputation and company brand value.


Ghostwriting for lawyers: No objection

When I mention my work as a legal ghostwriter, the reactions I get fall somewhere on a spectrum from bafflement to skepticism. Some are not sure what ghostwriting is. Others are not sure it’s on the up and up.


The Budget 2018: Trick or treat for PR professionals

On Monday, the day many a PR professional will have aggressively circled on their calendar will be upon us – Budget day. This year it falls on Monday 29 October, the first time that a Budget has been held on a Monday since 1962. The Budget is typically delivered on a Wednesday after Prime Minister’s Questions but with Wednesday falling on Halloween, the Chancellor chose Monday in a bid to avoid the easy ‘horror’ headlines and imagery – whether he’ll be saved from these however is far from a foregone conclusion.


Grace Speights of Morgan Lewis on the New Rules of Crisis Management

A year ago this month, The New York Times published its first article in a series exposing movie producer Harvey Weinstein’s long history of sexual misconduct. That article breathed new life into the #MeToo movement and ignited a cultural reckoning that continues to this day.  


Communicate 101: As companies grow, cost of poor comms rises

In retail, the age-old adage has been location, location, location. For B2B companies working virtually and across multiple time zones, the adage would most definitely be communication, communication, communication.


Taking out the trash or burying the gold?

In a rush of activity before the long-awaited UK Parliamentary recess, government departments were busy taking out the trash this week, publishing a flurry of written statements, policy updates and consultation responses.


Bridging the gap

With equality and diversity issues continuing to drive public debate and the media agenda, April's deadline to publish a Gender Pay Gap report poses significant brand and reputational challenges to businesses.


Placemaking: 'Post' development challenges & considerations

As part of our ‘Placemaking: Buzzword or Brand builder?’ campaign, we are exploring the role of Placemaking brand and communications through the lens of the traditional development process – from planning permission through to legacy.

In our final chapter, we examine the top four brand and communications and challenges in the ‘Post’ development phase:


Placemaking: Q&A with Global Heritage Fund

As part of Infinite Global’s campaign, ‘Placemaking: Buzzword or Brand Builder?’, Tal Donahue interviewed Nada Rafih Hosking, Director of Projects, Programs and Partnerships at Global Heritage Fund.


What makes a city great? The view from San Francisco, New York and London

#MIPIM2018 is in full swing! Ahead of tomorrow’s London v. New York panel discussion, in association with EG Global, we are thinking about what it takes to make a city great.

We asked our transatlantic team for their thoughts on what they love and love-to-hate about living and working in their global cities.