What we’re reading: Dreyer’s English

Usage and style guides are like dumbbells for writers. If you don’t pick them up now and then, your writing can grow flabby.


The age of the CVA: Insolvencies in the media

As we look back on the last financial year, it’s safe to say that it was a year of continued disruption and convergence in the property industry, but perhaps most notably on the high street.


How will the professional services firm of the future be using social media?

In the current market climate, it’s more important than ever for organisations to find methods of building a two-way relationship with their audiences via social media. As the technology and user trends continue to evolve, many firms are keen to stay one step ahead.   


Easy Ways to Find Content for your Podcast

You’ve decided it’s time for your organization to begin podcasting in order to build an audience and expand the business’s reach. Once you’ve settled on the right spokespeople to sit behind the microphone, how do you go about sourcing interesting content to be discussed and debated?


A beginner’s guide to Chambers (and other) legal directory submissions

Several days after Chambers & Partners released the research schedule for its Chambers USA 2020 guide, I was in Atlanta for the Legal Marketing Association’s Annual Conference. Countless times during my trip — in the course of getting-to-know-you chitchat over lunch, at cocktail parties and between sessions — I had some version of the same conversation, which usually began with the elevator speech of my job:


Podcast: Jennifer Johnson Scalzi and Jamie Diaferia Discuss the Latest in Legal Marketing at LMA International

From the benefits of bringing new thinking to an unfamiliar sector, to exploring the elements that make up great client service, this Infinite Global podcast, recorded at the 2019 LMA conference, explores the opportunities and challenges for law firms taking a fresh approach to marketing.


Chambers USA: Preparing strong legal directory submissions

Chambers & Partners is scheduled to releases its Chambers USA 2019 guide on April 25, 2019, and with its release it will kick off a new season of Chambers research.


Chambers USA announces 2020 research schedule, legal directory updates

While tulips, Easter baskets and milder weather herald the arrival of spring to many people, there’s another sure sign of spring for legal marketers and business development professionals: Chambers & Partners activity, including news that the Chambers USA 2019 guide will be published on April 25.


A conversation with Infinite Global’s new digital strategy lead, Jamie Obertelli

Infinite Global recently welcomed Jamie Obertelli to its team. He joins as Digital Strategy Leader, based in London, where he’ll be providing clients with strategies that drive content engagement and help tell their stories to audiences more effectively. Infinite Global Vice President Steven Andersen recently sat down with Jamie to learn more about him, his professional background and his philosophy toward digital marketing as part of a larger PR, branding and content marketing strategy.


Why case studies belong in your law firm’s content strategy

It’s a scenario many legal marketers will find familiar: An attorney shares the details of a fantastic courtroom win. He is, shall we say, excited. “The world needs to know now!” he booms.