Chambers USA announces 2020 research schedule, legal directory updates

While tulips, Easter baskets and milder weather herald the arrival of spring to many people, there’s another sure sign of spring for legal marketers and business development professionals: Chambers & Partners activity, including news that the Chambers USA 2019 guide will be published on April 25.


Why case studies belong in your law firm’s content strategy

It’s a scenario many legal marketers will find familiar: An attorney shares the details of a fantastic courtroom win. He is, shall we say, excited. “The world needs to know now!” he booms.


A true ghost story: The frightening cost of lawyers writing content

Let's talk about money. I know, it’s gauche, and as in aristocratic families, it’s a topic one is loath to raise in public, even in the genial forum of a blog post. But then, who wants to be the heir who learns too late that grandpa has squandered the family fortune on race horses and orange juice futures?


Ghostwriting for lawyers: No objection

When I mention my work as a legal ghostwriter, the reactions I get fall somewhere on a spectrum from bafflement to skepticism. Some are not sure what ghostwriting is. Others are not sure it’s on the up and up.


Books on writing: Our head writer’s recommendations

As we bid farewell to our summer interns, we’re publishing a series of posts they wrote based on interviews with Infinite Global staff.

How can we become better writers? Mostly by writing. But we can also read books about good writing. Andrew Longstreth, head writer at Infinite Global, is a self-proclaimed “nerd” when it comes to the genre. While not exactly ideal beach reading material, we asked him for his favorites, and why he loves them.   


Why your content strategy should include a wildly ambitious project

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about a new book called Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World by Cal Newport. As someone who often feels helpless to resist the siren calls of Twitter and other online catnip, I found its insights and recommendations for cultivating sustained focus valuable.   


7 law firm website content best practices

Since the creation of our Content Center in 2012, we’ve provided website content consulting to law firms ranging from litigation boutiques to some of the largest firms in the world. We’ve learned a lot along the way, both in terms of process and product, resulting in many battle-tested best practices.


6 New Year’s resolutions to improve your legal directory submissions

Law firms still have a few months before Chambers & Partners, The Legal 500 and IFLR legal directory season kicks into high gear, but proactive planning now will help make the submission process a bit less painful.


How to leverage content into media opportunities

Developing valuable, proprietary content remains one of the most effective ways to establish credibility and gain exposure to clients, prospects and industry peers. It’s paramount that your firm’s content projects –  industry reports, white papers or webinars, even bylined articles – speak directly to target audiences and provide them with useful information. However, a key audience often overlooked is the press.


Legal award nominations: Which ones are worth it?

In last week’s blog post, we looked at how legal awards can benefit a firm and its lawyers. But deciding to pursue legal awards is a bit like opening Pandora’s box.