The need to practice what you preach

One of the historical (and pejorative) connotations of PR and communications is that it’s all headlines, no substance. Anyone who has worked in the industry knows that is simply not the case. If what you say does not align with reality you will be found out.


International Women's Day 2019

This year’s theme for International Women’s Day, #balanceisbetter, draws upon the shift in mood around the gender debate. Women and men around the world have spent a year campaigning to raise awareness and for justice, driven by the #MeToo movement, and now the focus is on equality.


Lifting the corporate veil: a new dawn for company reputation?

New company reporting regulations have come into force this month which will have a significant impact on the way large companies, and boards, address and manage corporate reputation and company brand value.


Taking a stand: Responsibility and Reputation

CSR has often been mis-labelled as “green washing”, or just a bit of fluff to boost marketing efforts. But it, or at least the principles behind it, really do matter to corporate reputation.


PR in the boardroom: In discussion with Anne Groves

Following the launch of The Independent Voice, our report co-authored with NEDA on the role of Non-Execs in corporate reputation management, Senior Account Manager Tal Donahue (TD) talks to Anne Groves (AG) – Infinite Global Non-Exec and former Global Head of PR at Clifford Chance and former Head of PR for the EMEIA region at Andersen – about her experiences as both a PR and a Non-Exec.


Big personality CEOs: PR blessings and headaches – a case study of Elon Musk

At a media briefing event last year about media’s digital future, I sat as a journalist from Quartz explained how data analytics is playing an increasingly significant role in content creation. Editors now know the type and form of content that receive the greatest number of views and by harnessing this information a publication can boost its readership and in turn increase revenue.


Communicate 101: As companies grow, cost of poor comms rises

In retail, the age-old adage has been location, location, location. For B2B companies working virtually and across multiple time zones, the adage would most definitely be communication, communication, communication.


The Non-Exec: PR’s bridge to the boardroom

Given the speed at which reputational issues have risen up the corporate agenda over recent years, the arguments for PR to have a voice in the boardroom are growing louder and more vociferous.


Managing the intangible: Reputation in the boardroom

One of the issues with reputation is its intangibility. As PRs know well, this makes it a challenging ‘thing’ to report on – both in terms of reputation enhancement, and the impact of reputational damage.


The importance of the ‘independent voice’

When things go wrong in the realm of corporate reputation, the focus of attention – rightly or wrongly – tends to fall on the corporate board. Indeed, the roles and responsibilities of board members have been increasingly in the spotlight in recent years, and more attention has been given to the role of the Non-Executive Director (‘NED’) since the Financial Crisis. NEDs are in post to hold the Executive Team to account and are held up to be the guardian of good corporate governance, but they also have a significant role to play in reputation management – particularly when it comes to reputational risk.