Can fantasy football help you choose your next law firm spokesperson?

With the football season quickly approaching, millions of sports fans — not to mention gamblers and employees peer-pressured to join their office league — are getting ready to draft their fantasy teams. Some will spend days meticulously studying player stats and potential outcomes, while others will show up to the draft not knowing the difference between a wide receiver and golden retriever.


Podcast: Tim Skipper explains how law firms are updating their Business Services offering

On this edition of the Infinite Global Podcast, we take a closer look at how firms are learning from sectors outside law to develop their Business Services offering.


Podcast: Jennifer Johnson Scalzi and Jamie Diaferia Discuss the Latest in Legal Marketing at LMA International

From the benefits of bringing new thinking to an unfamiliar sector, to exploring the elements that make up great client service, this Infinite Global podcast, recorded at the 2019 LMA conference, explores the opportunities and challenges for law firms taking a fresh approach to marketing.


Ghostwriting for lawyers: No objection

When I mention my work as a legal ghostwriter, the reactions I get fall somewhere on a spectrum from bafflement to skepticism. Some are not sure what ghostwriting is. Others are not sure it’s on the up and up.


Legal PR pitching: Tips from an editor

As we bid farewell to our summer interns, we’re publishing a series of posts they wrote based on interviews with Infinite Global staff.

A media pitch looks very different to PR professionals than it does to a newsroom. Even though a pitch can turn into a well-received, creative story for a publication, it can be difficult to convince reporters to run with a story based solely on a phone call or an email. Jennifer King, associate vice president at Infinite Global and former vice president of editorial at Corporate Legal Times, has the perspective of both an editor and a legal PR professional. Coming from an editor’s point of view, she explained that there are a few key things that junior legal PR people should take into consideration when contacting journalists.


Social media refresher for law firms: 5 things to know

As we bid farewell to our summer interns, we’re publishing a series of posts they wrote based on interviews with Infinite Global staff.

Whether people use social media to learn basic concepts, catch up on news, or to gain exposure, more and more are engaging with these platforms daily. In today’s media-driven society, law firms should consider how they can use social media to create lasting connections and ultimately drive their business.


Law firms missing a digital trick

Shockingly, more than a quarter of law firms do not have a website.


2018 hotlist: Top social media tools for professional services firms

Historically, attorneys, accountants and others working in the professional services have approached social media with caution, fearing the effects of a poorly timed tweet or hastily written post on their business and client relationships. But now, professional services firms are increasingly recognizing the importance of social media networks to the management and growth of their businesses. Building and maintaining a strong social media presence offers many benefits for firms, from connecting with current and prospective clients to raising the profiles of professionals and developing relationships with key journalists.


Selecting the best law firm spokespeople

Every law firm, as part of both its public relations strategy and crisis planning, should identify key individuals to serve as spokespeople when necessary and appropriate. Law firm spokespeople are not only integral to a firm’s marketing, branding and business development efforts, but may also have to serve as the voice of the firm and its clients.


Crisis communications planning for CMOs: Q&A with Deborah Farone

Crisis management is a now a major part of a law firm CMO’s portfolio. When things go south, management increasingly looks to the CMO for guidance.