Why the art of negotiation is essential for a career in PR

To be successful in public relations you need to be an all-rounder with skills in everything from research and communication to writing, critical analysis and creativity. However, one key trait that often gets overlooked is the ability to negotiate.


The Budget 2018: Trick or treat for PR professionals

On Monday, the day many a PR professional will have aggressively circled on their calendar will be upon us – Budget day. This year it falls on Monday 29 October, the first time that a Budget has been held on a Monday since 1962. The Budget is typically delivered on a Wednesday after Prime Minister’s Questions but with Wednesday falling on Halloween, the Chancellor chose Monday in a bid to avoid the easy ‘horror’ headlines and imagery – whether he’ll be saved from these however is far from a foregone conclusion.


Conversing with Cameron Webb

Cameron Webb is a Director and the Head of Branding and Creative at Infinite Global, with 20 years of experience in the development of global B2B brands and communications. This conversation -- where Cam shares the professional experiences that shaped his career, and his advice for the next generation of PR and branding professionals -- concludes our focus on our London team members.


Getting to know Etienne Bataillé

Etienne Bataillé is a Senior Account Executive who delivers communications and media relations work for clients across the legal, financial and built-environment sectors. We continue our September focus on our London team members with this conversation, to learn a little about Etienne's interest in PR, his favorite things, and what he hopes to do in the future.


Featuring Tali Robinson


London-based Director, Tali Robinson, is a leading communications advisor to businesses in the property, construction, professional services, tech and corporate sectors in the UK and globally. As our September focus on Infinite Global's London team continues, we sit down to find out what sparked Tali's interest in real estate PR, and what her life is like outside the office.


Why every spokesperson needs media training

A few years back I got a panicked call from a marketing director who was concerned about quotes a law firm partner had given to a reporter. She had called the reporter and asked for the entire interview to be scrapped, which made matters worse. The veteran reporter – one known for his old-school journalism ethos – took offense at the request.


Catching up with Alex Spurgeon

For the month of September, we are highlighting our London team members. To kick off this series, we interviewed Alex Spurgeon, whose communications, media relations, branding and content work spans a number of sectors, including professional services, corporate and built environment. 


Basic training: Creating a successful PR pitch

As we bid farewell to our summer interns, we’re publishing a series of posts they wrote based on interviews with Infinite Global staff.


Legal PR pitching: Tips from an editor

As we bid farewell to our summer interns, we’re publishing a series of posts they wrote based on interviews with Infinite Global staff.

A media pitch looks very different to PR professionals than it does to a newsroom. Even though a pitch can turn into a well-received, creative story for a publication, it can be difficult to convince reporters to run with a story based solely on a phone call or an email. Jennifer King, associate vice president at Infinite Global and former vice president of editorial at Corporate Legal Times, has the perspective of both an editor and a legal PR professional. Coming from an editor’s point of view, she explained that there are a few key things that junior legal PR people should take into consideration when contacting journalists.


The latest trends in content marketing revealed

The volume of content created by both law and accounting firms has more than doubled in the past three years. But despite this fact, shares of accounting firm content have dropped by 30%, while shares of law firm content have risen by 3%.

This was the central and most mysterious finding from our new report "Attorneys vs Accountants: The Content Battle Wages On," in which we studied the websites of the top 100 law and accounting firms in the United States and used BuzzSumo to analyze and compare the number of shares the two industries were receiving.