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Building A Social Media Program: Q&A with Jamie Obertelli

Earlier this year Infinite Global welcomed Jamie Obertelli as its Digital Strategy Lead. Now seven months into the job, we sat down with him to learn about his experience in helping to develop social media programs and the key takeaways for others looking to build out their own offering.


If Jony Ive designed professional service firms

Last week saw the shock announcement that Sir Jony Ive is to leave Apple to fly solo in the form of a new standalone design studio, LoveFrom. We wait with bated breath for further news. Meanwhile, we can relax and reminisce on how Ive has fundamentally changed our relationships with technology.


How will the professional services firm of the future be using social media?

In the current market climate, it’s more important than ever for organisations to find methods of building a two-way relationship with their audiences via social media. As the technology and user trends continue to evolve, many firms are keen to stay one step ahead.   


Why the art of negotiation is essential for a career in PR

To be successful in public relations you need to be an all-rounder with skills in everything from research and communication to writing, critical analysis and creativity. However, one key trait that often gets overlooked is the ability to negotiate.


Podcast: Tim Skipper explains how law firms are updating their Business Services offering

On this edition of the Infinite Global Podcast, we take a closer look at how firms are learning from sectors outside law to develop their Business Services offering.


Podcast: ‘Mr Super prime’ discusses the importance of social media self-promotion in professional services

Professional services and advisory firms are gradually coming to terms with the growing number of individuals within large organisations utilising their personal social media channels as business development tools. This edition of the Infinite Global podcast takes a closer look at the trend, exploring how firms can empower their stakeholders to benefit both the business and the individual.


Legal PR pitching tips you can’t live without

Pitching the media can be a difficult — even maddening — exercise. But a thoughtfully crafted and executed pitch can help build a rapport with a journalist, while driving news coverage that shines positive light on the subject of the pitch.


From intern to president: A career in public relations, Q&A with Zach Olsen

Tell me your background with Infinite Global; how long you have been with the company and how your career progressed?


Easy Ways to Find Content for your Podcast

You’ve decided it’s time for your organization to begin podcasting in order to build an audience and expand the business’s reach. Once you’ve settled on the right spokespeople to sit behind the microphone, how do you go about sourcing interesting content to be discussed and debated?