Why the art of negotiation is essential for a career in PR

To be successful in public relations you need to be an all-rounder with skills in everything from research and communication to writing, critical analysis and creativity. However, one key trait that often gets overlooked is the ability to negotiate.


Podcast: ‘Mr Super prime’ discusses the importance of social media self-promotion in professional services

Professional services and advisory firms are gradually coming to terms with the growing number of individuals within large organisations utilising their personal social media channels as business development tools. This edition of the Infinite Global podcast takes a closer look at the trend, exploring how firms can empower their stakeholders to benefit both the business and the individual.


A conversation with Infinite Global’s new digital strategy lead, Jamie Obertelli

Infinite Global recently welcomed Jamie Obertelli to its team. He joins as Digital Strategy Leader, based in London, where he’ll be providing clients with strategies that drive content engagement and help tell their stories to audiences more effectively. Infinite Global Vice President Steven Andersen recently sat down with Jamie to learn more about him, his professional background and his philosophy toward digital marketing as part of a larger PR, branding and content marketing strategy.


The reasons you shouldn’t go to MIPIM 2019… and the one reason you should (and will)

MIPIM, Europe’s largest real estate conference which takes place in Cannes every March, has always presented both opportunity and risk in equal measure.


Wait! There’s a baby in that bathwater…

If you are reading our blog, you’re more than likely a part of the service economy; an economy of increasing economic importance in recent years. An economy, which in the US accounted for 78.9% of GDP in 2015*. The numbers are similar in the UK.


LDF 2018: Our three business takeaways from London’s latest design-fest

In the wake of London Fashion Week and London Design Festival, we look back at some of the most interesting events across the city and reflect upon some of the wider issues and ideas that businesses should take away.


Placemaking and the UK housing crisis

Placemaking has arrived on the Westminster agenda. It was long overdue.


Top 5 media stories from MIPIM 2018

With #MIPIM2018 drawing to a close, we reflect on the week's discussions and take a look at the top 5 media stories from the conference that have been making headlines.


Digital Placemaking: A definition for urban regeneration

As part of Infinite Global's campaign, 'Placemaking: Buzzword or Brand Builder?', we spoke with experts across the Real Estate community as they seek to deliver places that resonate with people.

In her guest blog, Dr. Jo Morrison (Programme Director: Digital Innovation) gives us an insight into how Calvium are pioneering the concept of digital placemaking.


Placemaking: 'Post' development challenges & considerations

As part of our ‘Placemaking: Buzzword or Brand builder?’ campaign, we are exploring the role of Placemaking brand and communications through the lens of the traditional development process – from planning permission through to legacy.

In our final chapter, we examine the top four brand and communications and challenges in the ‘Post’ development phase: